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Dear Everyone,

It is with great pride that I inform you with the start of the 2017 season that the park operations will be taken over by Jason Worthing, with the sale of the business to him. Jason has been involved with the park one way or another for most of his life as he and his family have always been very close to the Vining family.  Jason worked for my father (Don Vining) while in school until I took over the business in 2001 and then through 2005 until the start of his own career with his graduation from Michigan State University.


He returned to help me out with the 2016 season and subsequently made an offer to purchase the business and fulfill a longtime dream of his to own the park.  With my ongoing health concerns it was the right time.

Jason and Melanie will now be living in the yellow office/house with their daughters Ella and Lyla. I couldn't be more comfortable with this transition and feel that a family owned business for the past 58 years is still in the family. The park name will remain the same as well as all other facets of the business.  I will always be available to Jason for advise or anything else for as long as he wants.  Please welcome Jason and family as I know that they will be an extension of my fathers dream when he opened the park in 1958.

Stephen Vining

February 2017

I hope your off-season is going well and you are excited for the 59th season of Vining's Trailer Park to begin on May 1st.  I am truly pleased to be handed the torch from Steve Vining in taking over the management duties for the Park.  Also, I am fortunate to be back in the Portage Lake area as I grew up here and was involved with the Park for numerous years previously.  The Park is a hidden gem that sits on two beautiful lakes, has an up North feel, but so close to home in lower Michigan. So here is to a great 2017 season and in continuing creating lasting memories.

Jason Worthing

April 2017


Donald G. Vining

1958 to 2000

Stephen D. Vining

2001 to 2016

Jason W. Worthing

2017 to present

Vining's Campground opened on July 4th of 1958 and has since evolved into a seasonal park now known as Vining's Trailer Park and is now operated by Vining's Park, L.L.C. 

The park was built by Donald Vining (1922-2000) in the evenings and weekends while working during the day at the local Goodyear plant in Jackson. He was helped by his wife Margaret "Peg" Vining (1921-2001) who operated the family grocery store located at the entrance of the park. Soon after the park opened with the original 60 camp sites in 1958, Don decided to pursue the park full time and expanded it to more than 200 lots with full service available for trailers instead of camping sites.

During the 1960's the park grew into a more permanent rental site and in addition to Peg helping with the management, their children Nancy, Suzanne and Stephen worked in several areas of the family business. 

On Sunday, May 1st, 2022, Vining Trailer Park  will open for its 64th year.  Since the passing of Donald Vining in late 2000, the park had been under the management of his son Stephen Vining. With the start of the 2017 season the park changed management again with the sale of the park to Jason Worthing.

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